Sag Student Film Agreement Pay Rate

The SAG pay scale for 1-hour serial rules displays functions exactly as 1/2 hours. However, the salary is higher per week – like all SAG rates, considering that you have to pay the health and pension in addition. That`s when your project crossed paths with New Media and its traditional counterpart. For movies, you should refer to SAG Theatrical Rates. For the series, the board of television. SAG-AFTRA offers two casting projects for low-budget fashion filmmakers, which can increase the maximum production cost. One is the Diversity in Casting Incentive, which we mentioned in the «Low Budget Agreement» section, and the other is an Actor Incentive background that increases the total cost of production to a maximum of $112,000. SAG-AFTRA rates are the minimum amount of money that the Screen Actors Guild allows its members to work on for a particular project. SAG rates are offered on a daily and weekly scale and are often determined by project type, budgetary constraints and distribution plan. It is useful to have all this information on how much to pay an actor, but there are other details to take into account. SAG has a separate schedule for each player, depending on the amount and how you pay them. Why is this important, you might ask? It is important because items such as overtime, 6th and 7th day and vacation pay can vary depending on the schedule.

A general rule is that the less you pay on the scale, the more the performer can earn with these items: OT, 6th and 7th day of salary, etc. However, the more you pay an actor above the scale, it means more caps for these items. 5. SAG Corporate/ Educational – Non-Broadcast Rates SAG Corporate Scale (Cat. I): $535.00 for | $438.00 Off-Camera 1st Hour SAG Corporate Scale (Cat. II): $666.00 for | Nr. 488.00 Off-Camera 1st Hour SAG Corporate Scale On-Camera Narrator (Cat. I): $973.00 | $535.00 / Each Add`l Day SAG Corporate Scale On-Camera Voice Release (Cat.

II): $1,154.00 | $666.00 / Each Add`l Day SAG Corporate Scale On-Camera 3 days Performer: $1,347.00 chat. I | $1,661.00 cat. II SAG Corporate Scale On-Camera Weekly Performer: $1,881.00 USD. I | $2,329.00 cat. II It is important to note that television prices differ from theatre prices, not least because they are determined by the length and number of episodes in which an actor appears, as well as the length during which the actor is employed one after the other during the show (day, three days, weekly) and not just on the budget of the project. The network, cable and streaming also differ. As part of this agreement, there are a multitude of incentives for casting. SAG-AFTRA offers a casting incentive for low-budget filmmakers who can increase the entire range of theatrical agreements, which would increase prices, and other payments that a low-budget film might not afford. For more information on what is qualified for diversity, see Section 3 (a) of the Low Budget Agreement. While theatrical SAG prices depend on the budget, SAG`s exchange rates depend on where and how many times you will run the ad. The SCALE of SAG for performers depends on the application of these agreements, but may also vary depending on the contractual subtype, production category and other factors.