When Did Prescriptive Authority Agreement Begin

SB 406 eliminated the site-based standards management authority. The law is silent on the doctor`s place of practice and its proximity to the APRN or PA training ground. However, there has been no change in the law requiring a physician to provide adequate supervision of delegates. In all cases, the distance between a physician`s first office and the place of practice where physician delegates provide medical care can be an important factor in determining the quality of medical supervision. APNRs and PAPs must inquire after receiving 90 days of initial supply from the delegated physician for restocked prescriptions for controlled substances. Consultation is also needed to prescribe controlled substances for children under two years of age. In both cases, the consultation must be recorded in the patient`s medical record. The Palestinian authorities are also required to notify their supervisory doctors to the Board of Directors prior to the start of the activity as part of the Labour Administration Agreement or Standards Management. They are also required to inform the committee, within 30 days, of any changes to the scope of the delegation. Meetings must be held at least monthly until the third anniversary of the implementation of the agreement.

However, if the APRN or PA is in an agreement on the normative authority with the required medical supervision for at least five of the last seven years, the personal meetings must take place at least monthly until the first anniversary of the conclusion of the contract. Once the period required for monthly personal meetings has expired, parties to the standardization agreement must meet at least quarterly with monthly meetings between quarterly meetings on remote electronic communications systems such as video conferencing technology or the internet. If, for any reason, changes in the doctor`s delegates of the APRN or PA are made, personal sessions are required at least monthly, as indicated. (9) describe a quality assurance and improvement plan for the Authority and how it is implemented.