Sag Short Film Agreement Pdf

Like the previous short film agreement, the Short Project Agreement has a budget cap of $50,000, must be filmed in the United States and its territories, and allows for a maximum duration of 40 minutes (out of 35). The key to this process is the active information of producers (and performers) on the benefits of cooperation under structured agreements. I think your article does a good job of introducing the topic to those who are curious about working with professional artists. For producers who want to dive head first into all the details and options of SAG-AFTRA contract, countless resources are available, both on and on Casting is one of the most important elements of your film – casting the right actor for the role can make your film, and casting the fake actor can break it. It`s pretty easy to get actors interested in your film, and you don`t need to limit yourself to your friends and family, unless that`s the aesthetic you follow. There are a lot of actors and a lot of people who want to become actors and want to work on your next project. If you place a casting notification, you`ll most likely be inundated with head-to-head shots from comedians. Note: Please note that there are exceptions to the transport rules under the SAG-AFTRA reduced budget theatre agreements. Contact a SAG staff member for more information.

If you`re interested in announcements and updates on budget cinema, log in to the SAGindie email newsletter. Let`s look at prices after consultation. I could be wrong, but I don`t think it`s on a cinematic basis to be a signatory. I think it is still a signatory on a business-to-business basis, that is, once a signatory. This does not prevent the company from using one of the different contracts for a future film, but it would prevent that company from not meeting SAG`s requirements for a future film if it had become a signatory in the past. The last thing you need is a shot of SAG on your set. That`s why it`s a good idea for the signatory to be the financing/production company specifically created for each film, not the entire production company that would hinder flexibility. Again, I am wrong, but that is my understanding.

The three most flexible contracts are the student film, the short film and the new media contract. This brings us to the New Media Contract, which is a recent innovation and in a way has replaced the popularity of the short film contract. This is due to the fact that the agreement on the short film is very specific to where and how the finished film can be screened and when you have to pay your actors; However, the new media agreement allows you to negotiate the financial terms of the agreement with the actors. Perhaps even more importantly, the new media deal doesn`t deal with the festival circuit, but it`s designed so you can make your film and put it online. This is the framework contract for non-dramatic television productions and defines the responsibilities of the producers who work in this medium. The short film contract is like the student film contract, so you really don`t miss anything if you`re not a film student; You can always hire union actors….