Tenancy Agreement Room Rental Singapore

Hello. Is there a legal definition of rental repair, as required by rental contracts? What can reasonably be considered an acceptable state for the occupation of a new 2-year lease? Or rather, since the lease does not explicitly fix anything beyond repainting the house, a tenant can expect the property to be cleaned and habitable, including cleaning renovation dirt (dust/paint, etc.), deep cleaning of all bathroom and kitchen equipment/equipment (grease removal, dirt, etc.). B. cook, clean sewers, clean cabinets) and clean windows, and can we expect heavily damaged/scratched/marked/water-stained wood and marble floors to be cleaned and polished? Is there any case law in favour of tenants when the owner has not restored the property to a commendable state and the costs and repair time must be borne by the client? For the deposit, it should cover the costs of repainting the house if they do not do so after their last agreed rental date. When it comes to collecting the rent for your monthly rental, you`re afraid you`ll have to constantly negotiate with them to settle a payment. Only owners of 3 bedrooms or larger can sublet their rooms. The inventory list may seem like another piece of paper, but it serves as conclusive evidence of the condition of the furniture and furniture in the bedroom. Pass the keys to your tenant and collect the rental fee for the first month. If you want to sublet a room, make sure the space is not part of a partitioned room. Under URA rules, landlords cannot rent individual premises created from internal partitions due to safety concerns related to overcrowding.

I am Malaysian, I work in SG and I commute every day from JB to SG to go to work. I sometimes spend the night in SG, in my friend`s rented HDB room (1-2 nights a month), I should work overtime. Your new landlord wanted to add my name to the lease, as I am considered a tenant when I was sursing in my friend`s room. I am worried about the impact of signing a legal treaty because I do not stay there permanently. I currently hold a passport for employment. .