Therapy Confidentiality Agreement Template

My husband`s sycotherapy accuses my problems of telling him that I`m not sure I`m as abusive as his mother, except I don`t see. That he should divorce when he talks about his problems when he was a child. In order not to blame me, she often speaks to him against me without him being there. This married couple, married for a long time, should separate to see if things are okay and if it is not okay, that they should connect to social networks to talk to other people, it`s normal to see porn, even if I don`t like it. Often he talks about other things that are not transferred to the problem. often with the exception of my husband`s gifts. I am not allowed to enter there or when I call to talk to him, she often imposes me when I ask him a question or when I comment on the way he treats the family. She changed him until he didn`t talk to me, or something when we were in the corner, now he distances this waa a man who was always on the road to cook and do something to stay close to the family, she sees no problem with her giving him bad advice, Then she said, oh, I was worried about you. She watches him or waits for him to throw the window when we arrive. I`m sitting outside because she doesn`t want me. She walks past the window, as if waiting for him.

For me, it`s not normal, she often wrote to him what I don`t know. He blocked me on Facebook and put a secret code on his phone when we had nothing to hide from any Othe. When I try to talk to him and I`m saddened by the way the relationship is going, he tells me to join the raven when I get depressed, he says I cry, makes him laugh at me and even makes me imitate. When he`s always been so caring, he calls my daughters fat. He says he loves me, but he doesn`t love me anymore. He no longer talks to me or cares about my feelings, anything or what I have to say. She is always right, I am wrong. He only does what she says. Every time he talks about divorce, we don`t have any privacy, he even wants me to touch him. He gave me a lot of names like perv.

Outside. He`s not comfortable being naked or even changing in front of me, he`s behaving weirdly now. It never changes in the bathroom in the room or in front of me. .