Villa Maria Catholic Homes Enterprise Agreement

«While we are committed to the government urgently putting seniors` care in order, the corporate bargaining process offers union members another opportunity to improve wages and workforces,» Fitzpatrick said. The ANMF encourages private carers to play an active role in their negotiation campaigns. The claims report is adapted for each employer according to the current company agreement. Members have the opportunity to contribute to their minutes through our «virtual» meetings. Members will be informed by SMS and e-mail. 5. The safety of nurses, caregivers and residents is guaranteed – measures to reduce and prevent violence and aggression in the workplace, full-time equivalent control of infections and the performance of fit and fit tests of N95 respiratory protective masks. «There is an urgent need for the government to act to increase the number of registered nurses, nurses and caregivers registered per position to meet the care protocols recommended by the Royal Commission. 2. Respect our work – pay for the responsibility and skills of nurses and nurses Improve salaries and classification structures. 3. Workplace safety for professions useful for nurses – better dismissal rules, fewer opportunities and safer work and better advice, as well as better paid parental leave, improved annual and long-term leave. Members with an urgent employment issue or claim ideas can clearly identify the ANMF via email via your employer and your job.

These members work in large elderly care networks in 160 hospitals for the care of the elderly and 100 other small networks and autonomous institutions. 4. Skills to Care – Professional development requirements to help provide quality, evidence-based care. Improvement of development holidays to develop knowledge and skills. Leading senior care networks include Japara, Homestyle Aged Care, Mayflower, Bupa Aged Care, Estia Health, Allity, BlueCross, Fronditha Care, CraigCare, Menarock Life, Adventcare, Shepparton Villages, Royal Freemasons and Uniting AgeWell. Lisa Fitzpatrick, Secretary of the ANMF (Vic Branch), said: «We have had recommendations from the Royal Commission on Elder Care since March, but the Morrison government continues to slowly address the real changes that nurses and their residents need. 1. Time to Care – minimum staff required by nurses and caregivers This includes a registered nurse who is on duty in all stations and at least 200 minutes of care per capita per day (40 minutes with a registered nurse with direct clinical responsibility, 60 minutes of registered nurses and 100 minutes of nurses).

Negotiations will begin in the first half of 2022 for TLC Aged Care, Mercy Health Residential Aged Care, Doutta Galla Aged Care Services, Mecwacare, Opal HealthCare, Villa Maria Catholic Homes, Benetas, Australian Unity and Hope Aged Care. This equates to an additional 4500 members.. . . .